What should I do? My loved one just passed

Step 1: Take time to grieve

 After the death of your loved one, allow yourself and your family members time to grieve and time to notify friends and family. There is no reason to quickly seek probate services.    

Step 2: Locate their Last Will and Testament

If you loved one had a Will, locate the Will and notify the Executrix/Executor of his/her passing. The Will may also disclose if there are prepaid funeral arrangements, identify where they wish to be buried or explain they wish to be cremated. 

If your loved one passed away without having a Last Will & Testament, their estate is termed "intestate". There may be intestacy laws of the State that may apply and you should begin the process of finding a Probate attorney. 

Step 3: After the Funeral

After the funeral, the Executor/Executrix should contact the attorney that drafted the Will to begin the process of Probate. Not all estates need to go through a formal Probate process therefore you should seek out an experienced Probate attorney to guide you through this process.